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HIV/Aids, willing to learn more

Posted by Rouvanne van den Berg on May 11, 2007

blog1.gifThis afternoon I realized to myself, that no matter how I think I know about HIV/Aids, there is so much more to learn, more to understand, and so much to tell other people. We all think we know about this pandemic, or as Nelson Mandela described it, this Human Rights issue, but when confronted with the disease, how much do you really know?

I was very fortunate to be able to speak to Professors Jan du Toit & Jimmy Earl Perry, from the Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management at Stellenbosch University today, but was horrified by some of the statistics that were thrown onto the table.

040215.gifThere are still so many stigma’s attached to the disease, and I think that many will be surprised about how many people just don’t give a damn about the consequences of their actions – mostly actions at the heat of the moment, when the air is thick and musty with the passion of desire – that’s when everything read or heard is thrown aside with the clothes, and the game of Russian roulette begins.

I have people in my life who have tested HIV positive. Some are acquaintances, others are close, a part of my life. It isn’t a case of this being an unfortunate affliction that you’ll only read about in the papers, or see some poor soul suffering from on television. Look around you. It is everywhere, and if it hasn’t affected you already, be prepared – it will.

africa.gifThe 2006 global UNAIDS report states that: One third (32%) of all people with HIV globally live in southern Africa and 34% of all deaths due to AIDS in 2006 occurred there.

Yet, those that are infected, also need to be sure that they know everything there is to know; whether about nutrition, exercise and a healthy life-style; or what drugs are available on the market and how they affect this disease. We need to hear stories of inspiration, or people that make the most of their condition, and life.

There is so much going on around the world, so many debates, and so much research, I hope to be able to make some sense for all.

HIV/Aids is here to stay – so what can you do about it?


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